Francis Bacon – a ghostly talking portrait

Of Marriage and Single life…

..Some unmarried men think Girlides and Garters to be shackles….

Ha! and they (generally) weren’t the ones wearing them!

Love the crackling vinyl sound, hmmm… takes me back to Christmases as a child 😀

Tis interesting that in these times we have states inbetween single life and marriage with unique collections of the pros and cons of both states.. hmmmm more to think about.. must have more input!


2 thoughts on “Francis Bacon – a ghostly talking portrait”

  1. reading 16th century english is worse than reading ancient chinese literature. in ancient chinese literature, you find words that you don’t know so you know you won’t be able to understand it. 16th century english is different, you know all the words. The way these words are put together may seem odd at times but still they are recognizable. The problem is that the same words, the same sentence may turn out to mean the exact opposite of what you think it means.

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