FRUSTRATED: Trying to find images online? doing visual research.. Pinterest will be your new friend


So, I was searching google images, trying to find stimulating inspiring images and techniques for research / sketch books. Painstakingly finding, saving, naming and storing the images. Then transferring it to word so I could print them out. I began thinking what I;d like is to find a collection of postcards (of famous photographs) and save/print them all in one go. Surely many people must have already sought to collate such a collection?

Also, going through my old hard drives, the multitude of folders and badly named images – with no idea where I got them from (and therefore wouldn’t be able to list the source in the research book). I had used One note and ever note a few times for image collections – which automatically lists the source, but these are still closed up folders, that I can;t share or find other peoples collections.


PINTERST (pin interest) is a website that you can access using your gmail, yahoo or facebook passwords, so you don;t have to remember (and therefore maybe, forget) yet another one.

pinterest-logo (2)

It is full of collections of images, with descriptions, sources and keywords. You make a board… name it (like a folder) and then “pin” images you find on other boards, to yours. You can see the whole collection in a lovely layout. AND, best of all.. select all (CTrl A) and Paste (Ctrl V) into word and you can print them all out, WITH the descriptions and sources – perfect for transfer to real life sketchbooks. If you are going to copy and paste into word, I recommend narrow margins and 3 columns, you’ll get plenty per page and the layout is somewhat similar to the board.

The next step is to install the pin button to your browser’s toolbar.. or if you are fancy you can have an app for your phone or ipad. This button means you can browse the web and anything you find interesting – just click the button and you can save (pin) it to a board. Go here to install this button / app.

When you are browsing the boards, you can click on the image and go to the original site – a very visual bookmark system. Simply Splendid. Best of all we can share with each other and the rest of pinterest users.

If you are browsing flickr, you can pin these images too and it will automatically list the credits (and enable, you or others to find the original).


Prepare for addiction, albeit efficient, you can go crazy and pin 100’s of images in the time it would take to select, save and store a few from google… So think about the naming of your boards carefully and be specific.

I’m new to pinterest, i’m sure there are many other tips and tricks… check out 10 top tips for pinterest for some suggestions from more experienced users.

Also, check out my board “journals”. I named it and filled it before I got the tip about being carefully specifically naming collections..

pin board shot

Have any of you guys played with pinterest? If so, could you comment and share a board (then we can follow each others boards).

So get pinning, create a whole collection in minutes (and share it), select all, paste and print. Never lose an inspiring image/link/post again!



3 thoughts on “FRUSTRATED: Trying to find images online? doing visual research.. Pinterest will be your new friend”

  1. Thanks Dockleaf, I must start pinning… and researching!! Your links and tips are very helpful, simply splendid ; ) Hope to share soon…

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