Citra Solv and Nat Geo Magazines

Like suprises and splodges? this is for you…


Citra-solv is a natural cleaning agent sold in the US, I’ve no idea how it fares as a cleaner BUT it is a strong enough solvent (albeit natural) to react with certain printing inks. National Geographic magazines used to be printed using inks that react beautifully with melting, globular, creative chemical reactions. Much like alcohol or salt reactions with water based paints, you get a dynamic, textural blend. As you can imagine it is STINKY! in quite a different way to the ST-ink you can make from shaggy ink cap mushrooms, so tis an outside, ventilation require kinda project 🙂

There are sources all over the internet suggesting different years/decades of the Nat Geo Magazines. So far I have some from the 80’s and 90’s, got my ear to the ground for older ones. Rumour has it that town and country magazines also melt in a similar way.


An immersion into digital media has sent me back to seriously low tech, messy, smelly, hand staining, printing techniques. But I will combine these 2 worlds by scanning the resulting images and then digitally manipulate them, tis all good!



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